Who Inspires Me?

When asked to think of someone that inspires me in my life, it was not very hard at all. Someone that comes to mind is a person who is truly the most intentional person I have ever met in my entire life. When he does things for people, it truly is what it appears to be. There is no behind selfish reason. He adores his family more than any man I have ever seen. His family is a part of almost all of his thought processes and big changes in life. When I need advice or when I don’t think I need advice, he is there for me with the best words I’ve ever been told. He is quick to tell me when I am in the wrong. I am not someone to take that easy from someone but there is just something about his tone and the way he does things, that I don’t do anything but take to heart every single word he has to say. He’s the type of person that if you get snappy with because you’re having a bad day or for whatever reason, you quickly feel terrible about being like that to him… not because of something he may say back to me but just how easy he takes it knowing I am probably just having a bad day instead of snapping back. His leadership skills are something I will carry with me forever. I hear him on the phone with co workers who are not even close with him but yet I can hear him reaching out and trying to improve their day.. He does not just do his job, he does more. He’s personable with everything he does and any person he encounters. This person is my father, James.



If money were never an issue, I would love to travel to Paris, France! This is on my bucket list of places to go. I always see people that study abroad and post beauuutiful photos on social media in Paris. It makes me so envious!! The buildings all look so neat and it seems like they all have some sort of deep history behind each of them. I grew up in a Catholic high school so I always had religion teachers showing us the awesome ancient Catholic churches in Paris. The architecture on each building blows my mind. When researching more about traveling to Paris, a lot of articles talk about the cafes and the cobbled streets. The fashion is also something that appeals to me as well. People in Paris have a very intricate sense of style compared to people here in the United States. I studied the French language in high school but never again since then. I am able to listen to someone speaking French and for the most part understand what they’re saying, but I struggle being able to speak back.
After reading the “21 Things Every Traveler Wishes They Owned”, I have realized just how many small things you can bring on your trip that would help and improve your experience. A lot of what was on this list, I have never heard of in general or would have never thought to bring on a trip. The gold foil scratch map was really neat to me. You can use this to scratch through all the places you’ve been and eventually have marked across most of a map! I also loved the travel-themed shadow box! What a cute way to keep a hold of small important things from your trips that might get lost otherwise. Also, the shadow box is see-through so you can see all of your things at any point of the day. One thing that did not appeal to me is the made-for-travel journal. I am more of a journalist through taking photos of what appeals to me than writing about them on a trip. I like showing off my photos and telling about them than writing these experiences.


At my dinner, I would include the following ten people: Channing Tatum, because he’s super easy on the eyes and I would stare at him the entire time. Tina Fey, because she would bring hilarious comedy to the table. Steve Harvey because he would just make the mood so positive and find something out of everything anyone would say. Morgan Freeman, because he has a beautiful deep voice that I could listen to forever. John F. Kennedy, so he could see what is going on in the country right now. Jackie Kennedy, because WOW, her style!! I need tips! Pope Francis, because his outlook on life is something I need in my life as well. My Papa, because I was too young to remember his love when he was around. Henry Ford, because I need new beginnings in my life right now. Michael Jordan, because he never stopped trying until he got where he wanted to be, and that is something I need to work on.
The menu would be a low country boil because most people can pick apart what they like and don’t like in that meal, and it smells so yummy! The corn is my favorite part. All different kinds of discussion topics would be brought up at this dinner. I said some specifics of what I was attracted to about each person. I would try to keep each discussion topic to pull out the best of each person. I would not want anything forced at this table. I would want a very comfortable atmosphere. Each person at my table is so different. I wouldn’t mind hosting this dinner at my house or even in my backyard since low country boil will be the meal. I feel strongly about wanting a comfortable a non-forced environment and I feel my house would best suit that type of situation.

Dream Job


My career dream job is one that I truly will love. I am a firm believer in the saying, “you won’t work a day in your life, if you love what you do”. I have always enjoyed working with other people. I love good communication / a good conversation. I believe that is a crucial aspect in being successful in the field of Public Relations. When a teacher assigns a group assignment, I really approve of them. I do not mind asserting the leadership skills needed to get group to have successful work. I also consider myself a very organized person. With my major being public relations I am really taking these upper division courses very seriously. I am not dead set on an actual job that I want. I plan to apply to many different types and see who wants to hire me and go from there. I do know, however, that I want to have a job that I can make clients happy. I have learned through my intro classes that I must really take into consideration what each client is asking of me. I do not want to be the type of public relations employer that does the same thing with each client. I want very different feedback for different people. I want to be way more personal than that. In my dream job, I want to be trusted. I would love for my work with one client to spark a recommendation with another client and again and again.